I'm Randall. Or Randy.

Received my Bachelor's in English/Political Science in May 2011. I want to go back to school for Health Communications but I have to decide when and where.

I'm a nanny, I love my job and the independence it has afforded me in this life.

A Northern transplant to the Bible Belt for seven years, now a Chicago resident since Dec 2012.

A Christian who disagrees with a lot of evangelicals but loves the church to death.

A black woman with pride in my culture and heritage. (I'm black mixed with African American and a smidge of Negro).

I enjoy selfies. Mine and yours.

I'm a pragmatist and a proud bleeding heart who wants every child to believe 1. they are worth something, 2. effort and discipline is one of the best parts of being alive

The perfect day always begins with getting dressed slowly. I love clothes, yours probably more than mine.

I take fashion, Beyonce, hip-hop instrumentals, bills, reading as pleasure and kissing VERY seriously. Everything else, let's have a little fun :)

I love bohemians who are extraordinarily straightlaced.

I love honesty through the filter of compassion.

I am a flirt who actually just really enjoys people. ...and you shall receive
The Light Fantastic